Monday, August 26, 2013

Sculpture process

After two weeks since the beginning of the "Four Chair or Conversation Piece" project the building part is complete. The components for all the chairs are ready and drying so that they can be bisqued later this week. Bellow some images of the process: 

A sketch of the piece. It will be located in the green area between the studios and the house here at Guldagergaard.

I used two clays: a porcelain body and a dark stoneware. Coarse grog and molochite had to be added to the porcelain to make it suitable for standing outside. I used the dark clay to make the backs an the details in the bottom part.

I built the chairs in parts to make it less stressful for the clay. All the components have been cut and measured to fit each other after firing.

The back of the chairs in dark clay and inspired on the architecture of Danish churches.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nina with friends

On the 16th of August we opened the exhibition "Nina With Friends" at the Apple House Gallery in Skælskør, Denmark. 

Nina Hole selected five of her friends to exhibit with her and I was honored to take part in it. The group was: Nina Hole, Priscilla Mouritzen, Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson, Egle Paksyte, Craig Hartenberger and Renata Cassiano. Here are some images of my work in it and the exhibition in general. It will run all through Sepember.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sculpture in Denmark

I am back in Guldagergaard,  the Ceramics Research Center in Denmark after an invitation to build a sculpture for the public park where the center is. I will be here for five weeks building, firing and installing the work. 

It is an exciting opportunity and I will be posting updates of the process.

Guldagergaard is a residency center where artists come and work on individual projects. Go to their website for more information: