Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two Standing Chairs

The "Chair Project" is finally standing after a few changes and setbacks proper of working with ceramics, porcelain in particular. Because in case I have not mention this before, the sculpture is made mostly in porcelain with a few accents in black stoneware. The installation took two days and the piece is located in the front part of Guldagergaard, Ceramics Research Center, in between the main house and the studio building.

It has certainly been a learning experience on ceramics in public spaces, porcelain and instalation. Ceramics in general. And it is very good to see the sculpture in its place.

Looking for the right place

Placing the iron rods that anchor the chairs to the ground.

Starting with the bottom legs

Half way there

Monday, April 7, 2014

Continuing Projects

All April and May Craig and I will be at the International Ceramic Research Center, Guladagergaard, in Denmark. We are here to continue some of the projects we started last year when we visited the center for a six week residency.

In the first part of our stay we will be focusing in more personal projects like the "Chair Sculpture" which is now all completed and ready to be installed in the center's grounds. I am also working on some pieces inspired in what I have been working since the fall, hand built sculptures and surfaces richer in texture. Here I am mixing china porcelain with a black stoneware that I plan to woodfire. I have also applied some colored porcelain slip. Some of the ideas for this pieces came from folding paper and paper patters.

The second part of our stay will be dedicated to make a Fire Sculpture with Nina Hole for the sculpture park here in Guldagergaard.

Working at Missouri State University

From March 10 to 21, Craig Hartenberger and I did a short term residency in the ceramic studio at Missouri State University.

I continued with some of the ideas started in the fall of last year. Terracotta and withe slip electric fired to cone 1. Hand built sculptures reoriented after firing.

This time one of the sculptures was sagar fired with some interesting surface results.