Monday, December 15, 2014

Street Signs. (Revisited)

After a very productive three months of work in Europe (Denmark and Germany) Craig and I have been working in our studio in Mexico; It is a small space but sufficient for the two of us. We currently have two electric kilns and a sagar kiln on the way.

Printing supplies.


Selection of brushes.

Homemade photo setup.

I am still very much taken by the toner print technique which has given me some very satisfying results.. The possibilities keep opening and every day is a new turn as I keep focusing on layered images and symbols. I work with photographs made in my daily life and  turn them into patterns.

Part of my inspiration lies on street signs that I spot in my visits to the American Midwest. I am sure that one part of my attraction towards them is their absence in Mexico. The other has to do with my sometimes intense attention to words. And coincidentally it is the church signs the ones that are more compelling. These two paths will likely merge as there is a common thread between them.

 As you may have already figured out this is a process post and soon I will update with some results to all this research.