Thursday, February 26, 2015

Plain Indians Headpiece

Late last year I visited the Nelson Atkins Museum and had the opportunity to see their Plain Indians exhibition. Among the very interesting objects was a wooden headpiece that made an impression on me so big that a series of works inspired by the form started to develop. Bellow are the first results, the surfaces are worked with layers of slip and prints (toner prints) a technique I have been researching for some time now. The work I have been making references the houses and buildings in the streets of Mexico; layer after layer of paint coming off, and a history continually being unveiled.

Wooden Headpiece.

El Escontide Del Conejo / Rabbit Hole (front)

El Escontide Del Conejo / Rabbit Hole (back)

Caballo Santo / Holy Horse (front)

Caballo Santo / Holy Horse (back)

Remanencia / Remanence (front)

Remanencia / Remanence (back)

Casa de Colores / A Color House (front)

Casa de Colores / A Color House (back)

Autoretrato / Self portrait (front)

Autoretrato / Self portrait (back)