Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pool and Drip.

The forms that I have been working with have recently been more rigidly architectural. It is interesting to see an idea transform and take different directions. In contrast to these more rigid forms, the surfaces have been drawing more on ideas of abstract decoration. Though I am still interested in the toner transfer technique, it is nice to add some variation to my studio routine.  I have been very drawn to some of the luscious surfaces I have been creating while letting slip flow and run, pool and drip. The contrast between the semi-wetness of the thick slip and the dryness of thin slip draws my attention; these textural combinations when placed next to the deep, rich color of the terracotta are exciting.

Something I have been in the habit of doing with this recent work is taking the materials away from their intended firing temperatures and letting this experimentation inform the work.  When fired hotter, the clay becomes richer, yet the slip will run more and become glossy.  Finding the right balance between the color of the clay and the textures of the slip has been an ongoing experiment.  Using a limited number of materials (one primary clay body, one slip, and various stains to color the slip) I have had to learn new ways to develop a larger vocabulary.

Here is the latest work that came out from the kiln.